We offer something different to local and foreign patrons and ensure you enjoy a memorable food experience every time.

An Insight Into Gold Steak

When we say golden, we mean, the entire gold leaf The GOLD STEAK is completely over the top and also wholly delicious. Sizzled by freshly ground spices, good quality vegetable oil and sauces which you have never tasted before. We roast the GOLD STEAK and cook until desired internal temperature […]

A Beginners Guide To Lava Burger

Do you know how to build a perfect burger? We know it and we serve it. A hefty bun with a classy rich topping, on its grilled patty, with high quality cheese and seasoning of mustard and last but not the least, pouring a sizzling cheesy LAVA while presenting, is […]

5 Best Street Food In Karachi?

Hunger’s den is one of the best food spot in Karachi, adding taste to your life by its yummilicious food menu.   LAVA BURGER!   The specialty of Hunger’s den, bombooster lava burger is the very unique and tastiest burger you ever experienced in Karachi. Its yummiest creamy cheesy sauce […]

Our Inspiring Success Stories

OUR SUCCESS!   HUNGER’S DEN is a brand that provides great products, quick service, keep detailed, analyze its competition, remain focused on its motive every time, get creative, get organized, some times make sacrifices to serve comfort to its loved ones. After getting all these facilities if our hungry gives […]


STAFF!   We have been lucky enough to work with some amazing chefs. Our staff handles resturant operations at an execellent level. They check incoming order, take care of table reservations, having the services of food delivery in Karachi and treat the customer at there best. we have hired some […]

The Best Meatiest, Juiciest & Yummiest Burgers

BEST BURGER IN TOWN!   HUNGER’S DEN is known for its delish food for the last two years. But “LAVA BURGER” is its signature, its identity, that never fails to impress everyone. We have already sold 20,000 lavas yet. Other flavoured burgers are also in demand when we present them […]

Why Hunger’s Den

WHY HUNGER’S DEN?   Because this is the place where our hungries can fulfil there desire towards the arctique food which they can not find any where in Karachi. HUNGER’S DEN is all rounde in sense of flavors and varieties, In dine-in, Take-away or online food order service in Karachi. […]

Very Affordable Price And Good Quality Food

AFORDABLE PRICES!   Prices plays an important part when it comes to keeping our customers satisfied. Our happy hungries consider HUNGER’S DEN, a best food place in Karachi because of reasonable prices. Our CEO has set a menu of much affordable and easy to pay charges low or high price […]